Forest Europe ELM Košice 23-24 October, 2019


 A C.E.F. delegation attended Forest Europe ELM Kosice, October 23-24, 2019. C.E.F. Delegation was composed by János Halmágyi-Hungary, C.E.F. President, Pál Kovácsevics-Hungary, Radu Apolzan-Romania, Eugen Szilágyi-Romania, Adrain Rădos-Romania
          During ELM were a general discussion about Draft Documents for  Forest Europe Ministerial Conference.   C.E.F. Delegation sustained the following C.E.F. Statement for this meeting: 



The Council European Foresters (C.E.F.) is an international, professional organization of the foresters established on 2011 which has more 58.400 members from 13 European countries.

The Council European Foresters (C.E.F.) for sustaining it’s activity at different activity fields established two institutions: European Forestry Academic Society (E.F.A.S.) and Advisory Group of the Forest Experts from Europe (A.G.F.E.E.).

The Council European Foresters (C.E.F.) respect it’s principals about the forest management in Europe:

- Sustainable forest management is the only form of management that assures the sustainable development of the forests

- Sustainable forest management must take into consideration, equal and unitary, ecological function, social function and economic function of the forest

- Sustainable forest management must be adapted to natural, climatic, economic and social conditions of each country

- Considering the necessity to comply to the three functions of forests (ecological function, social function and economic function), foresters organizations from each country must be consulted by the Government and Parliament of the country in developing sustainable forest management regulations which apply in that country.


The Council European Foresters (C.E.F.) sustains all the activity of Forest Europe and try to attend all the manifestations organized on Forest Europe process.

For Expert Level Meeting from Košice, Slovakia, October 23-24, 2019 the Council European Foresters, according it’s principles about forest sustainable management in Europe, considers the Eighth Ministerial Conference on the Protection of Forests in Europe an important event of Europe which can relaunch a solution to conclude The legal and binding agreement for forests in Europe.


C.E.F. President

János Halmágyi

E.F.A.S. President

Marian Stoicescu

A.G.F.E.E. President

Barbara Koch